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Here at PACK.SUPPLIES, we believe that packing supplies should not be expensive. PACK.SUPPLIES is one of the best suppliers of factory direct moving boxes, direct to customers and companies. We deliver our packing supplies to our customers all over San Francisco and Bay area.

We carry a large variety of moving boxes which you can use for shipping, storing or moving purposes. Our products are well known as the highest quality supplies in the industry. The industry standard is 32 Edge Crush Test with a 200 lb Test Strength. If you need from small to large boxes, PACK SUPPLIES is precisely that place to get packing supplies.

Whether you need moving boxes for your books or any other goods, or large and extra huge moving boxes for your light or bulky items like pillows, bedding, or if you need box bundles which are perfect for any kind of moving size PACK SUPPLIES has it. We also suggest a whole line of moving bundles for house, office and apartment moves.

Furniture Moving Blankets

We know that you work hard for your valuables, which is why moving blankets are an essential part of moving. Also known as furniture pads, their purpose is to protect furniture and any delicate item during a move.

Typically, the best way to protect furniture with blankets is to secure the pads with rubber bands or tape to keep positioned in place without shifting. Regardless if your move is large or small, it’s essential to protect your furniture by utilizing blankets – they can even be used to cover and secure your appliances during transit.

Moving pads consist of a thick and padded heavy duty material which prevents furniture from getting scratched, chipped or broken. The use of moving blankets is an effective way to ensure your items will arrive safely to your new home. They’re also conveniently accessible to wash and reusable for your next move. While they can’t be used for sleeping, they can be used towards moving which is why we highly recommend them.

Bubble Wrap and Plastic Shrink Wrap

We all have them in our homes –that one odd item that doesn’t fit in a box and truthfully, you have no idea what to do with it. You might question “How can I possibly wrap this?”. Stay calm and plastic wrap. It’s the perfect supply for these hard- to- pack items. You can even bundle items together if you can’t figure out what to do with some of the miscellaneous goods such as lamps, rugs, and many other valuables that you work so hard to maintain.

Because shrink wrap is made of polymer plastic film, it seals tightly and stays very sturdy on furniture. Removing plastic wrap is an easy procedure and only requires you to peel the plastic away from the object by just using your fingers. We know that you want your belongings to arrive in one piece which is why we encourage you to take the extra step with plastic wrap.

Packing Tape

Now that you have your moving boxes, you’re missing the gadget that holds them together. Our heavy duty packaging tape is designed to withstand any heavier must – hold situation.

Although packing contents into boxes may seem relatively simple, we want to ensure you have the best experience in doing so. With that said, we remind you never to use duct tape when sealing cardboard boxes. Duct tape has a thin adhesive layer and science proves- it doesn’t work well with cardboard.

For the best results, always use heavy -duty packing tape. Don’t forget to add it to your cart as it’s a must-have when moving.

Wrapping Paper

The supplies you use when packing your small, fragile items, are of great importance. Wrapping paper is the safeguard for your elegant wine glass, antique sculpture or your child’s favorite sippy cup.

It defeats the purpose of carefully sealing your boxes if the contents that are inside arrive broken to your new home. Don’t forget your wrapping paper if you wish to prevent breakages for fragile, expensive or sentimental items.

Box Labels

Moving is already stressful as it is. Relieve the stress by staying organized. No detail is too small. We believe attention to detail makes the difference which is why we are proud advocates of labels. Our labels help stay organized so that you know exactly where everything is and goes. You can even have fun by adding color to enhance box identification for proper placement when settling in at your new home.

Nothing says “I pay attention to detail” than labels. Go ahead and order them – we’re with you on this one.

Wardrobe Boxes

Whether you’re a gal with a passion for fashion, a professional with an extensive suit collection or whatever the case is, wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution to effectively transport your clothing without the hassle of removing them off hangers. Each box contains features with access openings for easy carrying. Every box also includes a metal bar that’s placed inside for hanging wardrobe. Typically, one box can carry approximately 18-24 pieces of garments per use.

Wardrobe boxes are convenient. You can even make the most of its use by filling the space at the bottom of the box with light items. We highly encourage the use of wardrobe boxes to prevent your clothing from getting wrinkled during the moving process and most importantly to save you time. The valuable time you could be spending elsewhere. After all, you’re moving, right? We understand time is of the essence.

We know the stress of moving is approaching – stay organized and grab wardrobe boxes for your clothing.

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